Training and Reporting

Although Special Registration Deputies no longer exist, you can still assist voters completing paper registration forms and getting them to their clerk with proof of residence, and you can assist voters using the Online Voter Registration (OVR) system linked to MyVote. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has created a video to help former SRDs learn to use the new OVR system to assist voters. We encourage you to watch this video. 

Our voter outreach volunteers must have training. The excellent City of Madison Voter Education Ambassador (VEA) training will provide you with a portfolio of forms and informational brochures useful when assisting voters. You do not need to be a City of Madison resident to participate, and the training is pertinent to helping residents of any Wisconsin municipality. Voter Education Ambassador training schedule. 

The Voter Service team has created follow-up training, Everything you wanted to know about helping voters but were afraid to ask, which reviews and reinforces information from the VEA training, including practice activities. There are no sessions currently scheduled, but the following materials from the training are available for review:

Welcome to Voter Service Central!

Here's what you need to help voters register to vote, obtain the required
voter photo ID, and cast a ballot that will be counted.

We expect voter outreach volunteers to track and report their activity. Please print a log form to use at your event, then enter the data online after the event.

Our Outreach Programs

Links on the sidebar will take you to separate pages for Senior Center LiaisonsLibrary Liaisons, assisting UW Students, high school voter education, and outreach at St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. We are also a lead partner in the Dane County Voter ID Coalition


  • A quick chart for those helping voters with registration, whether using OVR or paper forms. (3/25/2018)

  • Planning a voter outreach event? Adapt this planning guide to your own event.

  • The pamphlet Making It Clear (03/2019) is a tool for community members helping citizens navigate requirements for registering and voting in Wisconsin. It clarifies many of the ambiguities surrounding proof of residence and voter photo IDs. Developed by Marian Matthews and other LWVDC members.

  • Bookmarks for 2020 Elections - English, Spanish.

  • If you encounter technical issues when assisting voters with MyVote, please report the problem, so we can use your experience to improve our training and alert the WEC to issues with the software.