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If you were a Special Registration Deputy (SRD), your certification has expired. However, you can assist voters with voter registration using the new Online Voter Registration (OVR) system linked to MyVote. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has created this video to help former SRDs learn to use the new OVR system to assist voters. We encourage you all to watch this video.

City of Madison Voter Education Ambassador training schedule and signup. You do not need to be a City of Madison resident to receive this excellent training, complete with a portfolio of forms and informational brochures useful when assisting voters. Sign up for City of Madison outreach events for Voter Education Ambassadors.

A quick chart for those helping voters with registration, whether using OVR or paper forms.

How to Register and Vote in Wisconsin, an 8.5 by 14-inch 3-fold (four panel), double-sided brochure.

Planning a voter outreach event? You may wish to begin with this planning guide and adapt it to your event.

Information for Senior Center Liaisons (links to a separate page)

Information for Library Liaisons (links to a separate page)

The calendar below has signups for tabling opportunities organized by the Dane County Voter ID Coalition and/or League of Women Voters of Dane County. Click on an event for details and a link to the signup. Please, if you sign up for an event, please commit to attending. If you find you cannot attend, please cancel promptly on the signup so others can plan to attend. 

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Voter Photo ID Resource Information

Wisconsin state law requires voters to provide a voter photo ID to receive a ballot on Election Day or (with some exceptions) to vote absentee. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) provides extensive information on this topic on its website, including descriptions of documents that are acceptable as voter photo IDs.  For voters who do not currently have an acceptable voter photo ID, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website provides detailed information about how to obtain a free voter photo ID for voting purposes. Seniors who have given up their driver's license can get a non-expiring Wisconsin ID for voting.

Other resources:

Proof of Residence Resource Information 

Wisconsin state law requires all voters to provide proof of residence to register to vote.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) provides information on its website on this topic. 

Other Helpful Resources for Assisting Voters

League Pamphlet, Making It Clear

Making It Clear is a tool for community members helping citizens navigate requirements for registering and voting in Wisconsin. It clarifies many of the ambiguities surrounding proof of residence and voter photo IDs. Developed by Marian Matthews and other LWVDC members. This document has been updated for elections in 2018.

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