Action: The means used for stimulating interest in, giving information about, urging support of League positions: press conferences, lobbying, letters, etc.

Board: The Board of Directors

Briefing: Meeting at which the resource committee briefs on-committee members so they may be discussion leaders at unit meetings.

Bulletin: Local newsletters issued monthly to keep members informed.

Consensus: Substantial agreement of the members developed through study and discussion.

Forward: LWVWI publication

General Meeting: Meetings held by the local League for the entire membership. These are held for many purposes: adopting program, obtaining information from experts in special areas of League interest, discussion of program items, or League operation.

Item/Issue: Any specific topic on the list of program: local, regional, state, or national

LWVDC: League of Women Voters Dane County

LWVUS: League of Women Voters of the United States

LWVWI: League of Women Voters of Wisconsin

PMP: Per Member Payment is an established fee paid to LWVWI and LWVUS

Portfolio: Area of responsibility in which a Board member works.

Position/Stand: Body of opinion expressed in consensus upon which Action can be taken.

Program: Local, state, and national items under study as well as those issues on which the League has reached member agreement.

Study Materials: Publications which serve as the basis for League discussion.

Time for Action/Call to Action: Request from a Board member for specific action on a program item.

Unit: Small group which meets regularly to discuss and reach consensus, vote on program issues, support the League in action, etc.