You as a Member...

... attend unit meetings

... elect officers and directors; be an officer or director 

... help make the voice of the League heard

... attend general meetings

... volunteer for resource committees: national, state, local

... volunteer for service committees: Voters Service, Fund-raising, Membership, etc.

... decide on Study Issues at all League levels


The League structure is designed to give members every chance to voice their views. Because League is a membership organization, every member is encouraged to become a member of a working committee. This is the key to League success.


The League's program consists of issues chosen by the membership for study and action. At program-making meetings, the members discuss their ideas for local, regional, state and national program. The proposals are submitted to the Board. Individual members may also submit proposals. The Board considers all proposals. Final decision on state and national program is made by delegates to respective biennial conventions. The recommended program requires a majority vote for adoption. A non-recommended item may also be placed before the delegates; it usually requires a larger vote for adoption.

Criteria which must be considered when selecting program. . .

  • The issue must be one on which governmental action is needed.
  • The issue must fall within the Principles of the League.

Additional considerations which may help members in making a choice. . .

  • Is the issue important enough to inspire member interest and commitment?
  • Can the League be effective in this field?
  • Would it be a duplication of effort?
  • Is it timely? Are there funds, time and people available to do a thorough job?


LWVDC is governed by an elected Board of Directors composed of officers and elected and appointed directors. Officers and elected directors are chosen by the membership at the Annual Meeting. An Executive Committee conducts League business between Board meetings.

Each member of the Board has a specific area of responsibility: Program, Voters Service, Fundraising, Membership, Communication, Development, etc.