The League of Women Voters is an action group. However, it may take action only on issues which have been extensively studied and on which the members are agreed. One of the reasons for the political effectiveness of the League is its reputation for thorough study.

Action includes

  • providing information to members and the public

  • building public opinion

  • supporting or opposing legislation

Complete facts, the pros and cons, are researched before acting. Members study and discuss the issues in small units so that everyone has an opportunity to express an opinion.

When a position is reached through


by membership, the League (and members as individuals) work to implement that position. Action methods include lobbying state legislative committee members, testifying at public hearings, use of public forums and the media, panel discussion, League publications and letters to public officials. It is the responsibility of the League Board to direct and plan League Action. 


Voters Service/Citizen Information activity is directed toward encouraging citizens to register and vote and to participate in government and politics. League does this by providing factual information about voting procedurescandidates and ballot issues. When the League has a position on any issue, separate material is published to promote the League's stand.

Some of the Voters Service projects involve. . .

  • compiling and distributing Candidates Answers which gives information about candidates who have filed for office and about ballot issues

  • conducting voter registration drives

  • sponsoring live and recorded candidate forums

  • welcoming new citizens and offering them voter information at naturalization ceremonies

  • speaking to school and community groups about voting procedures and ways to be informed as a voter.


The League has a large and growing list of educational publications on local, regional, state and national issues. Academically respectable and visually pleasing, League publications are the result of thorough research. Publications Catalogs provide complete information on available materials including films, tapes and slide shows. The Dane County League is well known for its wide distribution of Candidates Answers before elections.


The League maintains observers at meetings of various local, regional, state and national governmental bodies. Observers do not speak for the League but attend these meetings to listenlearn and to make factual reports of the proceedings. The League's reputation as a civic watchdog has been earned by the observer program. By reporting back, observers can alert League members of legislative proposals which may conflict with a previously agreed upon position. Official League action can then be taken, such as letter writing, testifying at a meeting, etc.