Engaging in Civil Discourse, November 2012

Discussion Questions:

  1. What influence do you believe the Citizens United decision had on our recent election?
  2. How helpful to you was the public media coverage of the recent national campaign in encouraging civil discourse?
  3. Do you use polling information to make decisions about how you vote? What is your attitude about the bias or non-bias results of polling?
  4. How consistent is your own political expression? How is it tolerant, even-handed, and fair?
  5. What are your ideas for restoring civility to political discourse in the United States?


  • Mary Anglim, Co-coordinator, LWVDC November Program, mtanglim@gmail.com
  • Kathy Johnson, LWVDC Board Coordinator of Program, kjohnson44@ameritech.net
  • Clare McArdle, Co-coordinator, LWVDC November Program, claremcardle@att.net
  • Barbara Mortensen, Co-coordinator, LWVDC November Program, morten21@att.net
  • Donna Norton, LWVDC President and Co-coordinator, LWVDC November Program, vwn837skip@aol.com

Study Materials:

1. “A Covenant for Civil Discourse” 

2. & 3. “Call for a Season of Civility in Wisconsin From our State’s Religious Leaders, with signatories” 

4. “Notes for Discussion” from “A Season of Civility: Regional Training Workshop,” Madison, Wisconsin (September 2012) [COMING]

5. Goals for Adelphi University’s “Special Election Season Workshop: Bridging Political Divides withCollaborative Communication,” Adelphi University Manhattan Center, NYC (October 13-14, 2012)

6. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess, “The Meaning of Civility,” Conflict Research Consortium (1997)

7. Chris Rickert, “I reached out with an invite, but who will show?” Wisconsin State Journal (October 30, 2011)