Gail Bliss directs Voters' Service, which is often the aspect of the League most visible to the public. Members register voters at locations around the county. They formulate questions for local candidates, compile their answers, and publish them as Candidates' Answers in Isthmus and online. The League trains members to moderate candidate forums, and provides moderators when requested to do so. LWVDC also conducts interviews of local candidates, which are broadcast on the city cable channel. On Election Day, League members serve as pollworkers and election observers. In 2012, a new program aims to assist hospitalized voters to cast their ballots.

The LWVDC has been instrumental in organizing Dane County multi-municipality Special Registration Deputy (SRD) trainings in 2012 and 2014, which were made necessary by changes in election law that eliminated statewide SRD training and certification.

In addition to our Voting Information page linked to the footer of each website page, we have an area of the website devoted to information for SRDs: a calendar, news items, and links to resources. This area, SRD Central, is also linked to the bottom of each website page.

As of April 4, 2014, Wisconsin law requires all voters to provide proof of residence whenever and wherever they register to vote. Please see these New Proof of Residence Requirements.

Voter Registration Coordinators
     Dane County Farmers' Market, Gail Bliss
     Westside Community Farmers' Market, Barbara Mortensen, Priscilla Thain
     St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, Julie Chase
     Madison (Area Technical) College, Kathy Fullin

Candidates' Answers volunteer coordinator, Laura Chern

Candidate forum coordinator, Priscilla Thain

Coordinator of television interviews of candidates, Cheryl Daniels