Sun Prairie Mayor

Two-year term


Paul T. Esser, Incumbent


Paul T. Esser

Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Facebook: Esser for Sun Prairie

1. What in your professional and community background qualifies you for this elective office? I am a professional accountant and CPA. I have been the Mayor of Sun Prairie for two terms now and two terms in the late 1980's.

2. How would you plan to prepare your city for predicted consequences of climate change? We need to to emphasize sustainability which consists of several components. We need renewal power sources, reduce our use of petroleum fuels, encourage energy conservation, make the use of electric vehicles more convenient, offer our community means of transportation other than single occupant vehicles and more.

3. Should your city take any steps to increase the availability of affordable housing? I am a strong supporter of increasing housing for all income levels and all types of housing. I believe our communities will be sustainable only if we have places for people to live. We need to be welcoming to people at all income levels so we need affordable housing as well as market rate housing. We have had some success with this but more needs to be done and I will continue to work towards that.

4. What other important issue faces your city, and how would you address it? Sun Prairie is becoming more diverse and that will continue as it will throughout the United States. We need to embrace that trend and encourage people of diversity to participate and help them develop a sense that they are welcome in our community. We also need a transportation system that will move people from Sun Prairie into the rest of the county and that will move people around Sun Prairie. Furthermore, we need bike and walking routes that make it possible to get around by means other than a motor vehicle.