Adopt a Senior Center

Adopt a Senior Center

The League is seeking members who would “adopt” a senior center or a senior housing complex to ensure that residents/clients understand their options to meet the requirements of the Voter Photo ID law.

The immediate, basic tasks a Senior Center Liaison would need to take include:

  • Identifying a contact at the Senior Center that can authorize actions needed
  • Ensuring that handouts about Senior Voter Photo ID are available, including the City of Madison or Dane County Senior Voter Photo ID brochures and the “What Seniors Need to Know” handout from the League/Common Cause
  • Making sure that the Center has a poster about Voter Photo ID displayed in a visible location
  • Requesting publication of an article about Voter Photo ID in their local newsletter  (Gail Bliss has already drafted an excellent article that can be used) 

Future steps might include arranging to assist with online voter registration, arranging a presentation on Voter Photo ID, or helping to arrange transportation to the DMV through RSVP.

If you are willing to undertake these tasks, please look at our list of senior centers, coalitions, and senior housing complexes, and let us know (email which you are willing to adopt (many already have a liaison). Perhaps you can suggest another location that you are willing to adopt. We will let you know if you have been assigned to a location and provide information on how to log your progress.

Thank you!