Oregon School Board

Three-year terms
Vote for two


Village of Oregon, Area I
Ahna Bizjak
Krista Flanagan
, Incumbent

ahna bizjak

Oregon, WI 53575

1. What in your professional and community background qualifies you for this elective office? I am qualified to serve on the school board for many reasons. I served as the BKE PTO President for 3 years. In that role, I gained a strong knowledge of the needs within our school and worked diligently to meet those needs through volunteering. In 2015, I was invited to participate in the district Visioning Conference. Being part of that process was enlightening to understand the leadership and values that this district upholds. Third, I have children that attend RCI. As such, I have a pulse on the educational opportunities and an awareness of the issues within the classroom.

2. How should your district address disparities in student achievement? Our district is already committed to addressing disparities in student achievement. I support those initiatives through the Whole Child emphasis, individualized learning opportunities, offering relevant learning experiences, and a focus on educational equity and the need to eliminate or remove barriers that prevent learners from being able to focus on learning. As a board member, I will support initiatives aimed at reducing those disparities and ensuring that all learners feel connected and supported by their school.

3. Are there additional steps your district should take to effectively recruit and retain an outstanding and diverse workforce? Thankfully, our community recently approved a referendum to support a teacher compensation package which was prepared with the goal of attracting, and retaining, quality educators. This district recognizes the importance and value of a skilled and motivated staff. This was one of the priorities that come out during the 2015 Visioning Conference. As a board member, I will continue to advocate for educators to be one of our most valued assets for providing the best education possible for our children and community.

4. Is there an issue that particularly motivates you to serve on the school board? I am very passionate about education. The education that my children have received thus far has been outstanding. I want to be a part of the leadership and policy making body that has shaped this district into what it is today. One of my favorite things about this district are the Healthy School initiatives, including nutrition and active-lifestyles. I love the school gardens, outdoor classrooms, and incorporating that work into their learning environment. I want to be a voice that continues to empower green and healthy schools in this community.

Krista Flanagan

Oregon, WI 53575