The Partisan Gerrymander Case

The Partisan Gerrymander Case

Here is a summary of resources on Gill v. Whitford

Audio of the arguments made before the Supreme Court will be available on Friday.

Coverage of the court case from the New York Times (October 3)

Recording of a webinar by LWV US about the basics of gerrymandering, the initiative in California that did away with politicians drawing districts, an initiative that has begun in Ohio, and a summary of Gill v. Whitford. (October 3).

WisEye recording of an event we cosponsored: Partisan Gerrymandering and the US Constitution with Professors Barry Burden, David Canon, and Rob Yablon (September 28)

Downtown Rotary meeting with David Canon (September 27)

Op-Ed by LWV WI Executive Director Andrea Kaminski (September 26)

Collaborative amicus brief filed by LWVWI, League of Conservation Voters, and others. 

What is Wisconsin doing to move toward nonpartisan redistricting? 

In Wisconsin, Senate Bill 13/Assembly Bill 44 "creates a new procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional redistricting plans. The bill directs the Legislative Reference Bureau
to draw redistricting plans based upon standards specified in the bill and establishes a Redistricting Advisory Commission to perform certain tasks in the redistricting process." LWV WI has registered in favor of this legislation.

Will the bill ever get a hearing and come to a vote? Common Cause in Wisconsin has a petition urging Wisconsin legislators to support this legislation and create fair voting maps. But it will take a strong grassroots effort in Republican-held districts to succeed. 

If you have friends or relatives who live outside of Milwaukee or Madison, encourage them to review some of this information and contact their state senator and state representative to express their support for SB 13/AB 44.  Information on how to contact their legislators can be found by entering an address at

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