Madison Council Adopts Study of Police Policies

Madison Council Adopts Study of Police Policies

The League presented a statement to the Madison Common Council on June 7 supporting the proposed review of Madison Police Policies and Procedures. This statement was based on state league positions on law enforcement and equal rights, and national league positions on Social Policy: “Promote social and economic justice, and the health and safety of all Americans.”

The meeting was recorded by Madison City Channel. Madison residents would gain significant understanding of how their alders deliberate and how the Police Chief interacts with the City Council by watching the public hearing and council deliberations on this issue. The section on the police review begins at 1 hour and 43 minutes into the recording.

The League of Women Voters believes that policy should be set by our elected officials, and carried out by professional staff hired for their expertise. When the City Council is considering hiring outside experts to review existing policies and procedures of a department, in response to wide community concern over tragedies that could perhaps have been averted by different policies and procedures, that is the prerogative of elected officials.  

If this review comes back with recommendations for changes to existing police policies and procedures, it will be important for our elected officials to listen to the community and to our Madison police to determine whether or not to implement any of the recommendations. We encourage our community to watch the Council proceedings of June 7, and to read the news coverage of that meeting, in order to understand the challenges facing us when we decide how to evaluate and whether to implement any future recommendations.

Coverage of the meeting in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Chief Koval's blog post, referred to frequently in the meeting and mentioned in the State Journal article, can be read here.