Non-Expiring Wisconsin ID for Seniors for Voting

Non-Expiring ID Cards for Seniors

This information is from the DMV website:

Wisconsin now allows its residents, who are U.S. Citizens age 65 and over, to obtain an ID card which never expires!

  • The ID card is free if used for voting purposes and, once issued, the card never needs to be renewed. No more visits to a DMV.
  • Individuals holding a driver license, who wish to obtain this non-expiring ID card, must surrender their license and driving privileges.
  • Individuals holding a “REAL ID” must surrender that feature from their card. REAL ID compliant cards will continue to follow the eight-year renewal cycle.
  • The ID card carries the same appearance and security features as our traditional eight-year cards.
  • The words “Non-expiring” appear in place of the typical expiration date.

All ID cards are mailed - A receipt including your photo will be provided to you. This receipt is acceptable photo identification for voting and serves as your ID until your card arrives in the mail.

Read an article about the new IDs in the Wisconsin State Journal.