InterLeague Organizations Focus on Water

InterLeague Organizations Focus on Water

The Dane County League is a member of two important InterLeague Organizations (or ILOs) that deal with water quality issues to our west, in the Upper Mississippi watershed, and to our east, in the Lake Michigan watershed. LWVDC members are automatically members of these ILOs as well. Board member Sue Larson is our liaison to these organizations.

We encourage our members to learn more about these organizations and to take an interest in their projects. For more information:

Upper Mississippi River ILO  Their primary contact is Gretchen Sabel

Lake Michigan Region ILO   Use the blue button at the bottom of their website page to sign up for email updates. Their Facebook page is League of Women Voters Lake Michigan Region.  

An upcoming event you may be interested in: 

The Rotary Club of Galena is teaming up with the League of Women Voters of Jo
Daviess County to take a long view of what is happening to the water supply during a day-long conference, “Water: We’re All in the Same Boat.” January 11, 2017. Read more here.