Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out

No one should get to the polls next year and not be able to vote because they came unprepared for the new Voter Photo ID requirement. 

The league wants to be sure that everyone has the necessary ID and brings it to the polls. Young people without a license, seniors who have given up their license, people who have moved to Wisconsin and haven't obtained a new driver's license are just a few of the electors who may be caught without the proper identification to be able to vote. Even people who have identification may not remember to bring it if they walk or get a ride to the polls.

You can help get the word out! Do you participate in a social club, a civic group, a faith organization, a neighborhood council, environmental group, crafting club, professional society, exercise group? Can you ask to have a flyer placed on a bulletin board? LWV Wisconsin and Common Cause in Wisconsin have a colorful informational flyer that you can print (see below). We also have an informational article that can be shared in newsletters or blogs.

Let's be sure everyone who wants to vote is prepared with Voter Photo ID.

Sample article to publish in newsletters.

Two-sided color flyer about Voter Photo ID.