Your Thoughts on Dane County Redistricting?

Your Thoughts on Dane County Redistricting?

The Dane County Board's Redistricting Subcommittee (Jenni Dye, Chair) is seeking your input at a public hearing on November 30 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 354 of the City-County Building. Please consider attending. If you cannot attend the public hearing, you can share your thoughts with the subcommittee using or by emailing
The redistricting subcommittee has been working on a set of recommendations for adopting an impartial process for drawing our voting maps. Information on ideas the subcommittee has considered so far is available at At the hearing, the public will be invited to give feedback on:

  • Potential criteria for how the maps should be drawn 
  • Creation of an impartial citizen commission to lead the process of drawing new maps after the census
  • Who should be on an impartial citizen commission that will draw the maps (i.e., how do we ensure the commission is both impartial and reflects Dane County as a whole?)

The subcommittee will use information gathered at the public hearing to finalize their recommendations to the Dane County Board on adoption of an impartial process for redistricting in the future. 

The national LWV's position on apportionment (with historical background), can be found here.
The Wisconsin League's position is here. (Look in the right sidebar of the page for papers on the history of the position.)

Stay tuned for more information about our March Issues Forum on Redistricting!