Registration and Voter Education at Epic

Registration and Voter Education at Epic

Epic Systems is a huge employer in Dane County. They hire hundreds of new employees each year, including many new college graduates and people from out of state. Epic encourages its employees to be active citizens and so they periodically arrange a voter registration day on their campus. Employees are encouraged to complete a voter registration form online, print it out, and bring it with proof of residence to tables staffed by LWVDC volunteers. The league members complete the voter registrations and educate the employees about the Voter Photo ID requirement, election dates, and the location of their polling place.

On Friday, November 20th, eight league members—Susan Byrns, Susan Fulks, Shirley Haidinger, Elizabeth Kohl, Paul Malischke, Marian Matthews, Pat Sammataro, and Bonnie Webber—registered 249 Epic employees. Because many of these volunteers had obtained SRD certification from multiple municipalities, they were able to register employees living in the City of Madison (117), City of Fitchburg (27), City of Verona (15), City of Middleton (3), City of Monona (1), and Town of Madison (1).

Although it was hectic registering so many people in a few hours (it really felt like Grand Central Station working in the Epic location inspired by the NYC railroad station), volunteers really enjoyed the experience. Bonnie Webber reflected: 

I felt like I was in the midst of a new young culture and Epic was like a workers’ playground. What great young folks. I loved it.

Do you know of an employer, a school, a community group or location with a number of electors new to Wisconsin or a municipality that might appreciate or accommodate a similar event? If you do and you are willing to organize a voter registration session there, please contact our office (