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What Can Be Recycled in YOUR Community?

What Can Be Recycled in YOUR Community?

Discussions following the forum on recycling indicated the difficulty of keeping up with the ever-changing guidelines for what is recyclable in various Dane County communities. Keep abreast of what you can recycle in your community by reviewing the current guidelines linked here. If you think your community should expand its recycling efforts, contact your municipal representative.*

Fitchburg                        Printable Recycling Guide
City of Madison  
Town of Madison           210-7264
City of Middleton          Printable Recycling List (residential)
Town of Middleton
Monona                         Printable Recyclopedia
Town of Oregon            Printable Recycling Brochure
Village of Oregon           
Sun Prairie                      Printable Recycle Guide
Verona                           Printable Waste and Recycling Guide

*If you don't know who represents you at the municipal level, go to myvote.wi.org and enter your information. Click on your name to view your profile, then click "My Clerk and Elected Officials" in the left sidebar menu. Click "Officeholders and Voting Districts Based on the 2010 Census" to get a list of your elected representatives at all levels. Each name is linked to contact information.