Great Decisions 2015

For many years, the League of Women Voters of Dane County organized a Great Decisions group for members interested in international relations topics. Because of decreasing participation and issues with the venue, LWVDC will not be organizing a Great Decisions group for 2015.

Edith Sullivan has investigated options for members interested in participating in the Great Decisions series in 2015. (For a list of the 2015 topics, visit the Foreign Policy Association website.) Oakwood Village has a large discussion group in a lecture format with a Q & A afterwards. There is free underground parking, and they are comfortable accommodating new participants. Susan Becker of the American Association of University Women is organizing a small group that may still have openings. Please phone or email the League office for contact details for these groups. You may need to purchase your own copy of the Great Decisions book directly from the Foreign Policy Association.

Members who are interested in International Relations may want to investigate the Florida League of Women Voters trips to Cuba In January and February