City of Middleton Referendum

Due to the devastating impact of the August 20, 2018 storm, shall the City of Middleton Storm Water Utility be permitted to charge customers of the Storm Water Utility an annual charge of up to $45 per equivalent runoff unit from each property, for the years 2019 through 2024 only, to fund the repairs to the Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor, Tiedeman Pond, Stricker Pond and other storm water management features that were damaged by the August 2018 flood, without reducing the levy limit for the charges of the Storm Water Utility?

___ Yes    ___ No

Explanation by the City of Middleton:

A “yes” answer means you support the City of Middleton’s increase in Storm Water Utility fees to repair the substantial damage from the August, 2018 storm spread over all property owners producing storm water runoff for a period of 5 years in the City of Middleton beyond maximum property tax revenue levy limits.  A “no” answer means that the City of Middleton may continue to maintain its annual charge of $15 per equivalent runoff unit to support storm water maintenance projects outside of property taxes.