If you are reserving a luncheon for more than one person, and you are selecting different menu options, please select one menu, the quantity you want, and click ORDER THIS MEAL. Provide the name or names of the people who will have this menu option and click ORDER THIS MEAL again. Then you may select the other menu and quantity and click ORDER THIS MEAL again. When you are finished with your order, click the black "Shopping cart" button with your items near the upper right to review or change your order and pay by credit card. 

NOTE: We have added $1.00 to the price of the luncheon as a convenience fee to cover our eCommerce charges.

The Seasons Restaurant at Capitol Lakes

The Seasons Restaurant at Capitol Lakes

January 12, 2019, Lively Issues Luncheon Reservation and Payment

Lunch includes a beverage, salad, rolls and butter, cookies and finger sweets. When you register at the luncheon, you will be given a color-coded card to indicate your menu selection, which you should put at your place setting. You may also request a gluten-free roll and cookie from your server.


After ordering, scroll up to the top and click on the black shopping cart button to pay for your order.