Here is the agenda for the Joint meeting of EANR, Parks Commission, Land Conservation Committee and Lakes & Watershed Commission on January 19th.

EANR stands for Environmental Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee. EANR is a Standing Committee of the Dane County Board of Supervisors, so it oversees the County Budget used by the three other bodies. 

The purpose of these quarterly JOINT meetings is to encourage cooperation and coordination on the wide variety of environmental issues addressed by the four bodies.

Note: there will be a presentation on manure storage. Dane County is a leader in the state in requiring winter manure storage of the larger farms to prevent manure reaching surface waters and causing the growth of mats of algae and other threats to water quality. 

The County is developing a county-wide plan on manure handling in order to justify taking additional steps to protect water quality while also protecting the livestock industry.  

The agricultural sector (everything related to farm to table) is a huge portion of the Dane County economy.  The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) portal for Farmland Preservation includes an overview and access to various recent analyses of and Farmland Loss Mitigation. Here are Regional Trends in Dane County Agriculture