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Attend a Local Government Meeting in January/February

Attend a Local Government Meeting

Instead of meeting in early February for an issues forum, league members will be attending local government meetings in late January and early February. At our February discussion units, we will share what we have learned and discuss whether any members plan to follow up on specific issues they learned about at the meetings they attended.

We have assembled a list of some meetings that may interest you. You may know or learn about a different meeting you want to attend. In the listings are names of a few members who have notified us they plan to attend specific meetings. If you find a meeting you would like to attend, you might want to ask another league member to go with you. The listings will be updated periodically, as meetings are scheduled. 

We suggest that members attend only as interested citizens, not as official league observers.

[Image is from a Madison City Channel recording of a Dane County Board meeting.]