Deerfield Community School Board

Three-year terms
Vote for two


Thomas Bush, Incumbent 
Lisa Sigurslid
, Incumbent

Thomas Bush

Deerfield, WI 53531

1. What in your professional and community background qualifies you for this elective office? I have served on the Deerfield School Board on two separate occasions and am currently running for re-election. In total, I have served over 10 years. As part of the continuing education program administered by the WASB, I have achieved the award for the highest level of service recognition. This recognition is based upon programs attended, participation on committees and roles served on the school board.

2. How should your district address disparities in student achievement? I believe the majority of our attention needs to be focused on closing the achievement gap during the early elementary school period. I believe the majority of the "gap" that there is between students is the result of preparedness for school in these early grades. While an effort needs to be made throughout there K-12 career, I believe the most dramatic results in closing this gap is done in early childhood preparedness programs and relies on screening and parental input.

3. Are there additional steps your district should take to effectively recruit and retain an outstanding and diverse workforce? The goal of any school district should be to attract, hire and retain the most qualified teachers that we can. I believe that is you do that, you are serving the students of all backgrounds the best. While there certainly can be no discrimination in the hiring practices against any group, I believe you simply hire the best candidates to serve your ENTIRE student population.

4. Is there an issue that particularly motivates you to serve on the school board? Have always enjoyed working to ensure the success of students in our community. I am also very motivated to continue to look at the discipline that is recommended and administered for those students who do run into situations that could result in suspension or expulsion. To be perfectly candid, I believe all school districts (while insuring safety for everyone in the district) need to realize that the vast majority of the time, these students are better served being in the structure of a school environment. We need to better serve these students.

Lisa Sigurslid

Deerfield, WI 53531