County Board Supervisor, District 1

Term ends April 21, 2020

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Elizabeth Doyle


Elizabeth Doyle

Madison, WI 53703
Facebook: Elizabeth Doyle

1. What in your professional and community background qualifies you for this elective office? We are all uniquely qualified to run for elected office based on our life experiences and perspectives and I encourage everyone to do so. I have a master’s degree in public affairs and seven years of experience working in the nonprofit and public sectors. This work has been related to community organizing; financing small businesses, private-public infrastructure projects, and affordable housing developments; environmental policy; healthcare policy and administration; and municipal government. I have experience making complex policy decisions and collaborating with other levels of government to ensure positive changes are achieved and residents can enjoy a high standard of living.

2. Are there additional steps Dane County should take to ensure that disadvantaged people have access to adequate mental health services? Dane County should continue to support Journey Mental Health Centers and programs that help connect people to mental health resources like Joining Forces for Families and Building Bridges. Engaging the Office of Equity and Inclusion to ensure that services are being offered in an appropriate and obtainable manner could increase accessibility. Surveying the populations whose access is wanting to be supported to determine what specifics barriers are a hindrance, for example, economic factors or availability of culturally relevant providers would be an important component of this process.

3. Should Dane County take any actions to facilitate countywide public transit? Please explain. This is a problematic endeavor since regional transit authorities are not allowed per Wisconsin state statute so formal coordination of funding this is a challenge. Public and government support for bus rapid transit and a more efficient public transportation system has increased recently which may create opportunities for more creative solutions to address this hurdle. Some outlying cities in the area with enough resources have been able to independently support transportation services; however, they typically only serve 9 to 5 commuters and are costly to expand. I would support exploring ways to extend these resources to better connect our County.

4. Should the County Board take steps to increase public engagement in board and committee deliberations? If so, what would you recommend? If not, why not? The times and locations of meetings can exclude participation from portions of the population the Board serves. The majority of the meetings are held in a location that is convenient for residents of District 1 but changing the location of a meeting, especially if the topic is relevant to certain populations that have a more difficult time gaining access to the downtown location, may be warranted. However, many people simply do not have the time to attend meetings; therefore, outreach and engagement around issues is often the best strategy with which to solicit feedback from the public.