Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Climate change produces intense storms with impacts lasting for years. The east coast was just hit with hurricane Dorian, this spring much of northern Wisconsin experienced intense rains and flooding and a little over a year ago much of Dane County was flooded. These are not only water crises, they are human and public health crises. Think about the long-term damage. Do you know anyone who volunteered in New Orleans after Katrina? 

Read this heart-stopping novel about an African-American Gulf coast family.

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The Dane County Land and Water Resources website has a summary of the 2018 flooding in Dane County.  We are still experiencing the effects of this flooding in high lake levels and a high water table making it difficult for water to drain through our chain of lakes into the Mississippi River.

Extreme weather events exacerbate the intertwined crises of affordable housing and homelessness, requiring timely intervention by federal, state and local governments. Here is a report about impacts on lower income housing and an article about deciding to rebuild or move after flooding.

Do you have a story about you, your neighbors’ or friends’ land or houses flooding?

Want to talk with your kids or friends about helping? Here’s some advice from Kids’ Health.


Right now WisContext, a collaborative reporting project of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television, is running two climate-related series: Extreme Precipitation and Wisconsin’s Climate and Heat Stress

Coming up next week: Learn about the global Climate Strike September 20–27.
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