Welcome to the Climate Corner Blog!

We’re pleased to launch “Climate Corner,” a project of our Climate Change subcommittee that will feature interactive and interesting explorations of climate crisis issues. Each week we’ll bring you a medley of resources and information that highlight personal actions, diversity and equity perspectives, and additional learning opportunities, all related to climate change.

Explore one of these carbon calculators

Use detailed information about your gas mileage, number and type of light bulbs, eating and recycling habits…or make informed guesses. Compare yourself to others in your neighborhood, city or zip code. As you gather more information about your carbon footprint, you can calculate again to assess improvements. You might even decide to put a price on your carbon use. How about $20 a ton!  Then donate the money to a climate change organization.

Read and contemplate these two essays by climate justice writer, Mary Annaise Hegalo, about how we need to develop a language to discuss climate justice.

And lastly, don’t miss Why Climate Change Is a Public Health Emergency, the first in our four-part climate crisis series. If you can’t attend the event, be sure to watch the video that will be linked on our website after the forum.