Clerk of Circuit Court

Four-year term


Carlo Esqueda (Democratic), Incumbent


Carlo Esqueda (Dem)

Madison, WI 53705
Facebook: Carlo Esqueda for Dane County Clerk of Circuit Court

1. What educational, occupational, and civic experiences have you had that qualify you for this office? Be sure to address your experience working with diverse communities. My educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, which has certainly helped me, as the incumbent, perform the general organizational tasks of this office over the past 12 years (i.e. personnel, budgeting). My prior employment background in courts and law enforcement information technology has helped me transition our office through the implementation of mandatory electronic filing over the past two years. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work directly with innumerable individuals, representative of all facets of our Dane County community, to resolve problems in subject areas including child support and court case processing.

2. What further steps could be taken to eliminate barriers that keep people from diverse backgrounds from serving in the jury pool? Probably the most significant barrier to a more diverse jury pool is simply our inability to locate these prospective jurors. We know that the master list provided by the Department of Transportation is demographically reflective of the county as a whole. However, when we attempt to summon jurors from this list, we find a lot of that mail returned because people’s addresses have changed and DOT wasn’t informed. The state office that provides us with these lists could help by using more allowable source lists beyond just DOT, but there are technical challenges to that which must first be resolved.

3. What is the most pressing problem facing the clerk of courts office, and how would you address it? Since 1989, the Bail Monitoring Program has operated out of the Office of Clerk of Circuit Court. Over the past five years, we have implemented some policy reforms as we have reviewed evidence-based decision making principles. Our greatest challenge moving into 2019 and beyond is developing and implementing significant pre-trial services enhancements that will ensure individuals charged with crimes are not needlessly incarcerated while their case is pending. My office has already taken significant first steps in this regard by piloting the Public Safety Assessment tool over the past year to help court officials make better-informed bail decisions.