2018-2019 Board

Aileen Nettleton, President
Brook Soltvedt, Vice President/Webmaster
Gail Bliss, Secretary
Vacant, Treasurer*
Paul Lindquist, Voter Service
Sally Gleason, Membership Co-Chair
Mary Ellen Schmit, Membership Co-Chair

Mary Anglim, Program
Maria Spinozzi, Bulletin Editor
Susan Fulks, Publicity
Christine Clements, Fundraising
Helen Horn, Assistant Treasurer* 

*With the resignation of Treasurer Kim Langley on February 12, 2019, Helen Horn will serve as acting Treasurer.

Policies and Procedures (March, 2019)   Board Portfolio Descriptions (May, 2013)

2019 Annual Report (July1, 2018–June 30, 2019)
2018 Annual Report (July 1, 2017–June 30, 2018)

Board Meetings

06/13/18    Agenda    Approved Minutes
07/18/18    Agenda    Approved Minutes
08/06/18    Agenda    Approved Minutes
09/12/18    Agenda    Approved Minutes
10/10/18 Agenda    Approved Minutes
11/14/18 Agenda    Approved Minutes
12/12/18 Agenda    Approved Minutes
01/09/19 Agenda Approved Minutes
02/13/19 Agenda Approved Minutes
03/13/19 Agenda Approved Minutes
04/10/19 Agenda Approved Minutes
05/08/19 Agenda Approved Minutes