Administration of Justice

  1. Juvenile Detention Dane County [adopted 1976; reviewed 2003]

    Support of:

    1. Principle of juvenile detention primarily as a holding function with secure detention to be used only for those who pose a serious threat to themselves or others or who are likely to run away prior to adjudication, with a diversification of nonsecure facilities to be provided for all others
    2. Improved care for all children detained, separated from the adult population, including protection, medical care and a full range of activities
    3. An adequate number of well-trained personnel at all levels, including professionally qualified intake workers available around the clock
  2. Dane County Jail [adopted 1976; reviewed 2003]

    Support of the following principles in treating those persons incarcerated in the Dane County Jail:

    1. Basic human needs should be met. Specifically, an individual incarcerated in the jail should have an adequate diet, security of person, medical care, sanitary conditions, privacy and religious freedom.
    2. A program of rehabilitation activities which will seek further to avoid criminalization and facilitate reentry into society should be provided. Such activities should include: access to legal counsel, counseling as necessary, and access to family in suitable facilities for visiting. Recreational activities should be available and should include opportunities for exercise. Inmates of the jail should have access to the community in the form of resource persons and work release with educational programs and opportunities being made available both inside and outside the jail.
    3. Equality of opportunity for inmates of both sexes should be guaranteed.

The League presented a statement to the Madison Common Council on June 7, 2016, supporting the proposed review of Madison Police Policies and Procedures. This statement was based on state positions on law enforcement and equal rights, and national positions on Social Policy: “Promote social and economic justice, and the health and safety of all Americans.”