Take the Greater Madison Vision Survey

Take the Greater Madison Vision Survey

How we grow matters

Why – When people, businesses and government coordinate our vision and plan for the future we build a stronger region. Over the next 25 years Dane County’s population is expected to grow by another 150,000 people, almost twice the number of seats in Camp Randall Stadium. Our mission is to develop a shared vision and plan, titled A Greater Madison Vision, to guide public and private decisions about how the region grows, to foster exceptional quality of life, economic opportunity and a healthy environment for all.

Choose from alternative futures

What – We are gathering public input for “A Greater Madison Vision,” which will become the plan that guides growth in the region. You can explore and evaluate choices for future growth and development in our region through an online survey available starting September 12, 2018.

Go to greatermadisonvision.com

How – go to greatermadisonvision.com and take the 10-minute online survey, from September 12 – November 12, 2018. You will explore four futures considering housing, jobs, transportation, roads, rural preservation, water and the environment, and provide your opinion on how the region should grow.

Encourage others to have a say in Dane County’s future

Take the survey AND share the survey with others. Find the survey at greatermadisonvision.com. Communities, businesses and organizations are asked to publicize the survey and encourage public participation. Posters, templates and details can be found at greatermadisonvision.com. Schools and youth groups around Dane County are also competing for cash prizes by participating in the youth incentive program which encourages survey completions.

10,000 surveys

The goal is to have 10,000 people from the greater Madison area complete the survey.

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