Transportation Needs

On August 3, 2017, the Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director of the state League, presented the following to the Joint Finance Committee of the legislature (modified to provide links in place):

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin wants to make sure you saw the attached letter from more than 20 aging and disability groups asking that the state budget address the transportation needs of the aging and people with disabilities. We base support of the recommendations in this letter on our state Community Policy position and our national position in support of Meeting Basic Human Needs. We support public transit for low- and middle-income and senior populations, as well as persons with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness. We urge you to support the recommendations made in the attached letter

— a 3.75% per-year increase for Specialized Transportation Assistance to counties;
— an increase in the Tribal Transportation funding each year;
— changing the transit allocation to a continuing appropriation in order to reward transit providers for efficiency in their services;
— adequate funding for Transit and Paratransit;
— creation of a Transportation Coordination Taskforce to identify transportation solutions for the future.

For your information, here are links to the LWV positions mentioned above:

Thank you for your attention.

Please contact your Assembly and Senate representatives to urge support in the state budget for public transportation for the elderly and disabled.