Affordable Care Act

LWVUS continues to advocate against repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The battle over legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues in the U.S. Senate where a small group of Senators are secretly working to make decisions that will cut coverage, raise rates and give the richest Americans tax breaks at the expense of everyone else.

Legislation passed by the U.S. House to repeal and replace the ACA fails to reflect the American values of fairness, community and concern for all. It will cut coverage for 14million Americans in the next year, raise premiums by 20% and give nearly $700 billion to the wealthy and big corporations. The Senate is trying to push us down the same disastrous path, pushing to gut coverage for people with pre-existing conditions while doing long-term damage to Medicaid. 

CALL the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 and tell Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin:    

Any bill that moves forward must do the following:

  • Guarantee that pre-existing conditions can’t be used to deny coverage or raise rates.
  • Ensure health insurance rates and access do not discriminate against women
  • Provide coverage of preventive care, limit out of pocket costs and prohibit life-time insurance caps
  • Ensure that Medicaid recipients can continue to receive full health care services. 

More information and resources for discussion and for contacting your representatives in Congress.

On May 4, the House of Representatives in a narrow vote approved a bill to repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act. The representatives had no idea how much it would cost. The bill went to the Senate, which has been crafting its own bill. According to LWV-US, if the House bill passes:*

  • 24 million Americans will lose coverage by 2020 
  • Costs will increase for many seniors and those with pre-existing conditions
  • Women will go back to paying more than men for basic care
  • Women will lose access to safe abortion care and see increases in costs for birth control
  • Millions of children, seniors and people with disabilities who are currently covered by Medicaid will no longer be able to get the care they need

Click here to see how your Representative voted. 

Americans can’t afford to lose our healthcare coverage.

*More on the winners and losers under this bill.

As the fight for health care continues, what is next for advocates at the state and national levels? The LWVUS Board recently approved a new a Google discussion group for Health Care Reform. This discussion and sharing group for League members on health care reform, including behavioral health, welcomes ideas, resources, successes and questions. To receive an invitation to the group please contact Linda Hawkins ( or Linda Mahan (