Protect Wetlands

A bill circulating in the state legislature would allow wetland destruction with no oversight by the Department of Natural Resources, as long as the developer pays to restore some wetlands somewhere else. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Roger Roth, Rep. Jim Steineke and Rep. Rob Stafsholt, who are asking their colleagues to co-sponsor it.

This proposal is so bad, it needs to be stopped before it gains momentum. 

The bill applies to non-federal, or “isolated,” wetlands, but don’t let that fool you. These wetlands comprise an estimated 20% of all wetlands in the state – approximately one million acres – and they connect hydrologically to surface and groundwater in many valuable ways. They provide critical functions, including protecting people and property from floods. Under this bill, there will be NO protections for these vital wetlands. 

FIRST, call your state Senator and Assembly Representative and urge them NOT to co-sponsor LRB-4115/1 and LRB 4410/1. (To find out who your own legislators are, click here and enter your address under "Who Are My Legislators?" by the little map of Wisconsin.)

SECOND, send this information to a friend!