April 2013 Issues Forum


Kathy Johnson, LWVDC Board Director, Program Committee Chair, 238-1785; kjohnson44@ameritech.net 
Karen Gunderson, LWVDC April 3rd Forum Coordinator, 249-1366; jokarjen@gmail.com

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do/should outside groups get involved in trying to improve student outcomes in the public school system?

2. What can outside groups provide that the school system cannot?

3. Should people without children in the school system care about student outcomes in the community? Why or why not?

4. Should LWVDC have a position on school/community partnerships?

Study Materials:

1. Karen Gunderson, Introduction

2. Matthew DeFour, “Boys & Girls Club of Dane County plans ambitious program to improve 2 graduation rates” (Wisconsin State Journal, January 24, 2013).

3. “Schools of Hope is Reaping Success in Closing Racial Achievement Gap” (United Way Press Release, 4 February 6, 2013).

4. “Schools of Hope is working, should expand” (Wisconsin State Journal Editorial, 8 February 10, 2013).

5. Matthew DeFour, “Analysis: Achievement gap exists for both longtime, new Madison students”  (Wisconsin State Journal, January 22, 2013). 

6. AVID/TOPS 2011–2012 District Findings: Executive Summary

7. David Dahmer, “AVID/TOPS: Program making a difference for East student, community” (The Madison Times, February 3, 2011). 

8. Jeff Glaze, “Achievement gap in Madison School District under scrutiny” (Wisconsin State Journal, December 13, 2012).

9. Matthew DeFour, “Extra Credit: $1.2 million Madison schools foundation grant targets Achievement gap” (Wisconsin State Journal, December 19, 2012).

10. LWVDC Positions, Section V [School Districts], Position E [Public Involvement]

Other Resources:

There are an incredible number of resources available on the web. The ones below are just a starting point for anyone interested in learning more about programs in Wisconsin or across the nation and includes several Dane County initiatives.

1. NEA shares strategies for developing family-school-community partnerships.

2. Family-School-Community Partnerships 2.0, Collaborative Strategies to Advance Student Learning.

3. The Partnership Action Team, An On-line Toolkit for Schools.

4. National High School Center webpage


6. Goodman Community Center – Teenworks, Seed to Table Innovation Campus, Ironworks Café

7. Matthew DeFour, “Boys & Girls Club, Madison schools team up more to boost achievement” (March 10, 2013, 7 a.m.).