Study materials for Promoting Judicial Independence (February, 2013)

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you believe is the biggest impediment to judicial independence? What can be done to remove those impediments?

2. If Wisconsin continues with election of judges, or has retention elections under some kind of appointment system, how can elections be removed from the contaminating influence of money?

3. Should Wisconsin adopt the ABA resolution 107 on judicial disqualification and disclosure?

4. Should LWV-WI amend its position on judicial selection?


Study materials:

1. LWVWI, “Courts,” Position on “Administration of Justice” (June, 2012)  [1 page]

2. “Organizations and Websites with Good Information about Judicial Independence”  [1 page]

3. Joseph A. Ranney, “Choosing Our Judges: Wisconsin’s Longstanding Debate” (Wisconsin Lawyer, Vol. 84, No. 12, December, 2011) [5 pages without footnotes] 

4. Bill Lueders, “Wisconsin Supreme Court justices weigh in on the recusal issue” (Center for Investigative Journalism, Isthmus, 03/11/2012) [3 pages]

5. Bill Lueders, “Wisconsin Supreme Court out of step with national standards on recusal” (Center for Investigative Journalism, Isthmus, 03/12/2012) [2 pages]

6. Bill Lueders, “Reforming the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s approach to recusal” (Center for Investigative Journalism, Isthmus, 03/12/2012) [3 pages]

7. Melanie G. Ramey, LWV-WI President, “Recusal Testimony to [Wisconsin’s] Joint Legislative Committee on Judicial Discipline and Recusal” (10/14/2010) [3 pages]

8. “Resolution on Judicial Disqualification Standards” (American Bar Association, August 8-9, 2011) [1st page only] 

For those who may like to read more, the LWVWI has a more extensive list of resources about judicial independence, which includes the items above.